The "Communicate at your best" website is the place where you can explore a broad range of training materials that will help you professionalise your NGOs activity in term of internal and external communication.


Communicate at your best



Communication skills are very important as, whether or not the receiver or receivers understand what we intended to transmit, will have an effect not only on the perception of the message but also on the relationship between us.

Still, as important as communication is, the formal education often doesn't consider addressing communication with respect to the needs that appear while working in a team, public speaking, using social media or using other forms than speaking or writing (through videos, photo-voice, etc.). Our experience taught us that for NGOs to work better and allow youngsters to use their talents at full potential there is a need for a non-formal approach that will develop their teams in terms of communication.

It is in this context that the three partners of the project, Organizatia Tinerilor cu Initiativa - Arad, Pro Atlantico Association and Audele Association, have decided to join forces and to create a comprehensive training resource that will help organisations accross the world become more professional, communicate better and increase their stakeholders' engagement.

Hoping that this website will prove to be useful to you, we wish you an enjoyable time exploring it! :)


A real help for my work! I have enjoyed every section of it!

Ana, O.T.I.

A good starting point for becoming more professional at work!

Ciprian - Pro Arad