How to write a proper e-mail?

E-mails are the basic means of communication between organisations. They are free, quick and very versatile, giving you the opportunity to include various types of content. Even if, more or less, anyone can say that they have used e-mails in their work, there are some basic rules that need to be taken into consideration when addressing your partner or other stakeholders by e-mail.

Here you can download a checklist of tips and rules you should be aware of in order to obtain maximum efficiency while communicating through e-mails:

How to design a proper e-mail?

Also, in the manual you can find examples of properly written e-mails but also of mistakes done in such communication, that you are invited to check in order to test your skills!




Practical exercise

How to properly write an e-mail?

A basic e-mail with insufficient information will be presented and participants will be asked to analyse it and provide feedback about its content and, more important, about what other information would be relevant to be added to the e-mail. Each time the participants will be asking for more info the trainer will add it to the flipchart, choosing from the predefined elements that can be downloaded below. Together you will be trying to discover what is the minimum information needed in a proper e-mail.

Later participants will be offered the hand-out about how to properly write an e-mail and, grouped in pairs, they will have the task to send an e-mail to their team-mate and offer/receive feedback.

E-mail elements

Questions for the debriefing:

- Did you experience any problems while sending or receiving e-mails? Any misunderstanding or even conflict as a result?

- Do you recognize any mistakes you are sometimes doing while writing e-mails?



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