How to make your social media page more engaging?

In these days, more or less, anyone can post on Facebook. This is the social network that we will be referring to, as it is the most popular, but the information here can apply to any other social network that you use. All of them are free, accessible and very appealing to youngsters. But how should you use this great resource in a smart way? Here are some tips:

Here are some tips:

How to make your social media page more engaging?




Practical exercise

Making your social media page more engaging

Try out these tips on your organisation’s social media page by adding a new post each three days (remember, your page should be regularly updated). See which are the most effective by checking the analytical tools that you can access. Don’t forget to ask your fans, from time to time, to like or share your content.

Here is your checklist

Select some interesting photos from your activity (like the ones you learned about in the previous section of this manual), draft a short text about it (like the one you would use in the beginning of a press release) and post these.

Get a testimonial from one member of your target group, take a photo of him, get his approval to publish these and post them online.

Consult with you audience on a future initiative that you are planning.

Share some exclusive information about an available opportunity that you are offering to your target group

Find one viral photo or video connected to your work and share it on Facebook

Find and share something funny that is connected to your work



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