How to have an effective website?

Websites can be a great PR tool, as they are available anytime, can be accessed from wherever in the world, offer instant, on-demand information to the ones interested in your activity and allow you to integrate a great variety of communication elements (articles, documents, press releases, photos, videos, interactive content, etc.).

The first thing you need to take into consideration while building your website is the structure. While there can be some national legislation that you need to follow (for example, in some countries, it is mandatory to include your contact information on a specific, easy accessible page), here are some other specific pages that you can include in your website:

Pages you can include in your website

Moreover, here are some other tips on improving your website's effectiveness:

Tips on improving your website's effectiveness




Practical exercise

Improving your website

Together with your team members, work on the following aspects related to your organisation's website

Check if your website is properly structured and if information is clear. Ask some friends that are not familiar with it or with your organisation’s work to find different information that is available on your website and to tell if it is clear for them. If they can identify it easily, then your website structure should be ok, if not, some changes should be made. Review the previous tips and start making the needed changes.

Go through the list of specific pages that you can include in your website and check if some of them are also appropriate for your organisation. If so, add them and create specific content for them

Check again your website. Is all the information really needed? Are there any widgets you don’t really need?

Connect your website to your social media page by embedding it

Create a “How to?” page for a topic relevant to your organisation, publish it and use your social media page to promote it


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