How to make presentations that will engage your audience?

Public presentations are a very effective way of both internal and external communication. They are great for introducing new concepts to your team’s agenda, presenting your work for your stakeholders or educating your target group. Still, as common and as useful as they are, often presentations are seen as really boring time- wasters simply because the ones presenting don’t dedicate enough time to make them appealing, don’t know how to do that or don’t bother prepare for them.

Most of us probably felt this on our own. It is not very difficult to remember a presentation in which the speaker was so monotonous that it was impossible to stay focused. Or a time when he or she had all the information crowded on each slide and he read them instead of making eye contact with us. Or when there were so many unknown fancy or technical words that it was impossible to get a clear view on the topic. Not a nice memory, isn’t it? So, what should we do in order to save our future audience from the same nasty experience?

Presentations are about 3 things: what you are going to present, how you will present it and what kind of visual, audio or other kind of aids you will use to convey your message.

Here are some things you should be aware of when preparing a presentation:

How to prepare a presentation

Moreover, here are some tips on controlling your fear before presentations:

Tips on controlling your fear before presentations.




Practical exercise

Prepare your presentation

You probably have an idea in your mind about a new project that your organisation should initiate. For sure you will need the engagement of different stakeholders to put it into practice, right? Try to convince them to be a part of it through a presentation! Of course, by taking into consideration all the aspects mentioned before!

Ask some members of your organisation or even friends to be your audience. The presentation should not be longer than 5 minutes, so you will not use too much of their time.

To have proper feedback about this, ask your audience to fill in the following evaluation form.

Evaluation of the presentation.


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