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Future Capital is a cooperative project developed by two former partners in youth projects (OTI Arad and ProAtlantico) with the assistance of AUDELE Association from Uruguay, all three being organisations with vast experience in international mobility and language learning. The project began in October 2014 and will end in May 2016. It aims at developing the cooperation between NGOs in Romania, Portugal and Uruguay, especially in the fields of communication and foreign language learning, but also in IT related topics.

The partners will develop a support platform and deliverables related to the “Communicate at your best!” topic. These resources will be available for youngsters and youth workers in Europe and Latin America, providing support for trans-Atlantic cooperation in the field of youth.

The innovative approach is based on:

- The Uruguay – Romania – Portugal cooperation

- The development of non-formal methods and techniques for promoting learning of foreign languages

- This platform, which will serve as a tool for developing new partnership between EU and Uruguay

- New and innovative tools for management of youth projects

- The input that the partner from Uruguay will provide for adapting the outputs to the needs of youngsters in the country

The general approach will stimulate creativity, innovation and large-scale usage of IT & C.

The activities are both on-line and direct, aiming at training youth workers, providing mobility opportunities (in EVS stages) and insuring a good dissemination of results. Moreover, the project includes an intercultural dimension, providing ways to explore how EU is built and opening the participants for intercultural learning and lifelong learning.

An on-line evaluation report of the project can be downloaded here:
Future Capital - Evaluation Report


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