What do you personally gain from developing your communication skills?



Developing your communication skills will have a significant impact on you and on the ones you are working with. It will make you a better professional and will give you the skills needed to improve the services that your organisation provides for the target groups it works with, contributing to their well-being.

As this manual addresses topics that are in line with the current trends in society (e.g. extended use of social media, the need for adding an updated design dimension to services provided, new means of communication), your professional competencies will be updated, satisfying your need of self-actualization. Moreover, you will be better prepared for your professional activity and that will allow you to use your potential at its top in order to bring a positive change in your community.

We have structured this manual so that it will develop the exact competencies that the organisations currently need (as the learning outcomes are derived by the current requirements of NGOs from three countries and two continents). In this way your contribution to the work of your organisation will be appreciated at a higher level, increasing your self-esteem and contributing to your state of well being. Furthermore, similar benefits will be achieved through the fact that the manual develops your competencies related to teamwork and communication, but also offers you tools needed for stakeholder engagement, thus allowing you to take more responsibilities in your organisation, bring higher added value to the overall work and to climb the hierarchal structure of the NGO you belong to.

It is also worth mentioning that European studies revealed that employers highly value communication and team working skills when selecting future staff (ranking 1st and 3rd as importance when hiring new people). Developing the skills that this manual is addressing will also increase your future employment and promotion opportunities. Better chances of getting a new or better job translate to .... But we don’t really need to point out how important finding a job is, do we? :)

And we cannot end this section without mentioning that the positive impact of this manual will not show only in your professional life. By developing your communication and relationship skills you will be improving your social life also, as most of the skills can be easily translated to relationships outside work, given that basic needs with respect to human interaction mostly remain the same no matter the environment.


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