Unless each experience is followed by a self-reflection, the learning outcomes will not be so easily achieved! Here are some activities that can help participants be more aware of their learning process.




Presentation of the project and learning outcomes

In trainings, it is very important for the participants to be aware of the learning process and its structure, in order to better understand the experiences that they will be later part of. For this, even from the beginning, the trainer should present the schedule of the training and should explore, together with the participants, its learning outcomes.



Cardinal directions

This exercise can facilitate the self-reflection of the participants about their learning needs. The room will be divided into 4 quadrants, with the lines used for this pointing at the four cardinal directions. Each of these directions will represent one type of personality, as follows: North – people more oriented on planning and seeing the big picture; West – people more oriented on relations; South – people more oriented on doing, acting on their instincts; East – dreamers and people driven by imagination;

Participants will be asked to position themselves according to their own personality and to reflect about how this influences their relationships and the communication that fuels them. Starting from this self reflection (that some will also share with the group, on voluntary basis), the participants will have to think on what are their strong points related to communication and relationships, what would they like to improve and what are their development needs.



Learning diary

A folder containing a short description of each session and some space in which participants can write for each of the sessions what are, in their opinion, the most important things that they have learned will be offered to each participant. The trainer should offer the time, at the end of each exercise, for them to fill in this info. Moreover, some participants can also share their vision on what where the learning outcomes for them.



Personal development plan

Taking into account their personal needs and the expected learning outcomes of the training, participants will receive a template that they can use to draft their development plan. Also, using the schedule, they will have to identify the sessions that they consider to be the most useful for their development and also the ones in which they can make a contribution to, connecting their expectations and contributions to the course.

Here is a template for a potential personal development plan:

Personal development plan


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