How to recruit the right candidates?

In the previous section you have seen how to manage different situations so that they don’t end up in conflict. On the other hand, a lot of these situations can be avoided from the very beginning through a thorough preparation phase, during which the expectations and the rules that should be followed are clearly expressed.

Leaving your home country for volunteering up to a year is not an easy thing to do, and our job is to support this process, not to complicate it with unexpected situations. When recruiting volunteers, those interested should really be aware about what this new experience will imply (especially as, given E.V.S. rules, the volunteers will most probably be for the first time in such a project). We should pay special attention to:

The type of activities that the volunteer will do;

Working hours;

The profile of the person who would be best fitted for such a project;

The type of preparation that will be offered;

The costs that will be covered;

The financial contribution that may be required from individuals, if any (e.g. covering for the cost of plane tickets that exceeds the lump sum);

The ‘rules’ that will have to be obeyed during the stage (e.g. during working hours, in the hosting place);

Level of autonomy that will be offered;

Language that will be used throughout the stage;

Having a good promotional strategy for a vacancy of a mobility project is really important. It’s the key for a successful project.

First of all, we need to emphasize that EVS is not a job, training, an internship, a summer camp or a language course. So, when we promote a vacancy this should be really clear for the volunteer. Moreover, we should find the best ways to reach the young people who can be interested in the project. Nowadays, social networks have an important role in this task and the organisations should be prepared to use them.

What kind of information should be included in materials promoting vacancies?




Practical exercise

Promotion of E.V.S. vacancies

Please find the errors in the following vacancy promotion for an EVS, published on the website of the sending NGO:

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