Methods of stakeholder engagement

Photovoice is a method in which stakeholders are asked to present their needs and interests by photographing different scenes that highlight these and adding text to them to further explain the message they want to convey. The theme of the initiative is given from the start and organisers can also support the participants by providing them with trainings on photography, cameras and by printing the results and presenting them to the decision makers.

Photovoice is a very effective tool of engaging stakeholders as it is not only very flexible but it is also very dynamic, which can be quite appealing for various target groups. Moreover, as the communication is not a direct one but through photos, stakeholders can be more confident in expressing how they truly feel and also the message will be better transmitted as photography is much more expressive than text.

The main steps of a photovoice project are:

1. Defining and presenting the theme (problem).

2. Identifying decision-makers to which the results will be presented.

3. Finding interested participants

4. Providing the participants with cameras and training them in using photography for conveying a message.

5. Taking the photographs.

6. Selecting the photographs for presenting to the decision makers and adding necessary text to further explain the message.

7. Presenting the results to decision-makers, media, and other stakeholders.


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